Champagne & Strawberry SCENTED CANDLE

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Sometimes you don’t want to make any compromises — especially when you’re on the tennis court looking forward to victory! Scent can take us far back in time, and this refined combination of champagne and strawberries takes Donna back to the moments of the most exciting tennis matches. For her, it is the scent of success, adrenaline, cheering and indulging in the magic of tennis in its truest form. So, let this refreshing and tempting scent awake the winner in you!

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Be all in — elegance and glamour!

Champagne & Strawberry scented candle will awaken the winner in you! It will remind you that sometimes you don’t want to make compromises. So don’t, but once in a while do everything exactly the way you want. Life is full of compromises anyway and is made up of many challenging and relaxing moments. All these difficult moments remind us that we have something worth fighting for and teach us to appreciate moments of enjoyment more. And that’s exactly what we wanted to share with you – an effort intertwined with tenderness and self-care. We may not be able to influence everything in life, but when we can, we give 100 % of ourselves! We also approached DNNA products in the same way. Namely, we paid a lot of attention to the Champagne & Strawberry scented candle. And the candle, like all products, contains fragrance formulas designed in the famous perfume center Grasse in France, and is designed by perfumer Arnaud Fourré. Each fragrance consists of contrasting and character notes that perfectly complement each other. The composition itself is no less important: all scented candles, including Champagne & Strawberry scented candles, made from 100% natural wax made from bees from the Kopački Rit Nature Park in Croatia.

They emit negative ions to improve air quality and contain an environmentally friendly wick whose base is paper instead of lead. However, this is not their only function: scented candles and sticks have a great impact on the atmosphere. Properly chosen scent can greatly affect the atmosphere of the space. The smell of the interior says a lot about the owner. Carefully choose one of the DNNA fragrances and allow them to transfer all parts of your character into the space. In addition to the scent and composition, we did not neglect the design – each scented candle vessel is made out of the highest quality Murano glass. Handmade, blown, heated and cooled, personalized and signed by Murano master Stefano Mattiello. All these details make the perfect packaging for DNNA scented candles and sticks and form an elegant addition to the interior. With this rounded approach, we also convey our message by reminding of fragility, but also encourage peopel never to give up. Every effort requires relaxation, every injury needs healing and every stress must be released – that is exactly what DNNA scented candles and sticks are for!


glass Murano jar

Made in Italy by glassmaker Stefano Mattiello

designed in Grasse, France

Created in Grasse, France by perfumer Arnaud Fourre


From nature park in Croatia


Candles are 100% natural, made of beeswax, do not harm the environment and raise the quality of the air we breathe. They contain an environmentally friendly wick based on paper, not lead.  All products emit naturally strong light of the same spectrum as the sun and are COSMOS Natural fragrance certified.


We enrich nature with

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