Bergamot & Patchouli Interior fragrance – room sticks

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You don’t have to be involved in sports in order to make every day a challenge! Everyday activities require a lot of energy, so we’ve made sure that you find it in our glamorous combination of bergamot and patchouli scents. In search of bergamot, there is no need to go to Calabria, because we bring the scent of sweet bergamot from Calabria straight to you. It is characterized by a classic sweet-yet-tart smell, but it also carries floral and spicy notes. Patchouli comes from Indonesia and it has strong and earthy, yet sweet, smoky and spicy tones. This combination will provide you with the necessary energy boost but it will also help you release stress, depending on what your exact needs are.

Product volume: 200 ml

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Energy vs. serenity

We have paid utmost attention in the production of our products! Their composition and design are convincingly telling our story and, although they serve to purify the air, that’s not their only purpose. They have a great impact on the atmosphere, because a properly chosen scent can greatly affect the mood of the interior. The scent of the space also says a lot about its owner, so let our scents show all parts of your character.


glass Murano jar

Made in Italy by glassmaker Stefano Mattiello

designed in Grasse, France

Created in Grasse, France by perfumer Arnaud Fourre


From nature park in Croatia


Candles are 100% natural, made of beeswax, do not harm the environment and raise the quality of the air we breathe. They contain an environmentally friendly wick based on paper, not lead.  All products emit naturally strong light of the same spectrum as the sun and are COSMOS Natural fragrance certified.


We enrich nature with

by purchasing each candle.