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My DNNA is a synonym for fragrant and harmonious coexistence with nature. It is reflected in the careful production of candles and incense sticks from 100% natural ingredients. In our close relationship with nature, we look for the best ways to indulge in everything she gives us but also find ourselves in it. That is why we have designed glamorous combinations of fragrants for DNNA candles for every occasion. If you are looking for an intense burst of energy, reach for the earthy and sweet scent hidden in the Bergamot & Patchouli combination. In addition to energy, find a new source of enthusiasm and adrenaline in scented candles based on a refined combination of Champagne & Strawberry. Feel the scent of success and indulge in the new adventures that life and my DNNA bring.

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For those who seek refuge in a warm and cozy atmosphere, we have designed a combination of Mango & Vanilla that will give your ambience a touch of exoticism. Everyday challenges require a lot of energy, and is there anything nicer than relaxing time permeated with oriental notes of Amber & CBD? Stay in the present moment with my DNNA and connect with your gentler side. Establish a balance of mind and body with daily relaxation accompanied by scents that will refresh you and relieve the stress of everyday life. Wild mint & Mimosa will stimulate you and give you a new wave of energy with its powdery airiness and cool mint aroma. As you connect with your true nature, you are also helping the nature that surrounds us.

By buying DNNA scented candles, you will support the community of bees in the Kopački Rit nature park! Each of our scented candles reflects our philosophy of coexistence with nature and raising awareness of the importance of bee survival. While diligently collecting honey, flying from flower to flower, they help us create our exclusive fragrant products. And that is why from every sale of scented candles we enrich the nature with 50 new bees. Enjoy our DNNA exclusive fragrances, created in the famous perfume center Grasse, France and handmade candle vessels made of the highest quality Murano glass. Sign up for my DNNA newsletter (link na newsletter) and be the first to find out all the news!

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