DNNA products taught me that I may not be able to influence everything in life, but whenever I can, I give it 100%!

It is the same when it comes to DNNA products: scented candles and room sticks — I pay the utmost attention to the quality of fragrances and select only the best. DNNA products contain fragrance formulas designed in the famous perfume creation center in Grasse, France by perfumer Arnaud Fourre. Each fragrance is composed of contrasting and characterful notes, which work perfectly together.

dnna proizvodi


Each candle is made out of 100 % natural wax made by bees from the Kopački Rit nature park. They are a natural ionizer and emit negative ions in order to purify and improve air quality. They burn longer due to their higher melting point and help you relax as you reflect on the day.

Candle Refill

New service from August 2022 for all DNNA luxury candle clients, when your DNNA candle is burned, you can again enjoy in unique DNNA candle and unbeatable scents. Choose DNNA candle refill service, send it to our address (Vinkovačka cesta 68, 31000, Osijek) and we will create a new DNNA experience for you!


Thanks to our room sticks, as soon as you enter the room, you will be surrounded by a pleasant smell that will help you relax. In addition to the scent itself, the room stick acts as an air purifier, providing support to the immune system. In addition to its functionality, this product has an aesthetic function as well — our room sticks have an elegant design that will surely enrich your place, serving as an exclusive decoration.


The DNNA refill ensures you will never be without your favorite interior scent! With each refill, you get a new rattan stick for the best spread of fragrance through your space.

dnna svijeća

We live in the times of increased awareness of the harmful effects to mankind as well as the environment. We pay more attention to taking care of our health, we watch our diet, we exercise and realize the importance of taking time for yourself and enjoying those precious “me-time” moments. Also, we became more aware of the quality of air we breathe into our lungs and we are trying our best to reduce stress to a minimum.

That is the lifestyle that I believe fits my product well. In order to round up this whole project, we give great importance to the composition and packaging of our products. Our candles are 100% natural, made of beeswax, do not harm the environment and improve the quality of the air we breathe. They contain an environmentally friendly wick which is paper-based instead of lead-based.

dnna odživost pčela

All of our products emit naturally strong light of the same spectrum as the sun and our fragrances are certified in accordance with the COSMOS-NATURAL standard.

The packaging materials are natural, biodegradable and suitable for recycling or reusing. Glass and iron are predominantly used in the packaging, as well as the high-quality, comprehensive materials of extremely wide use that work great together and further emphasize the two opposing sides all of us carry within ourselves: gentle fragility and great strength.



Bees help make my products natural pollinators, they create colors we admire and bring a smile to our faces. They fly tirelessly from flower to flower and with their tiny, valuable legs, worker bees collect nectar and pollen. For 1kg of beeswax processed from 3kg of nectar, they visit 7,500,000 flower clovers, 2,000,000 acacia flowers, and fly 5 miles away from the hive. Bees save us, enable our survival on Earth, and that’s why our duty is to save them back. That’s why my products are aimed to help these angels of nature, bees — DNNA will enrich nature with 50 bees from the sale of each scented candle. Imagine that mutual love: your interior filled with natural scents made by hardworking bees, and 50 bee sisters enriching nature just by purchasing a candle?