DNNA: Croatian tennis star Donna Vekić launched interior fragrances brand

Combining the centuries-old tradition of Murano glass, fragrant creations from Grasse in France, the centre of perfumery in the world, and beeswax from the Kopački Rit Nature Park in Croatia, a new brand of interior fragrances – DNNA – has been created by top Croatian tennis player Donna Vekić.

Thanks to the centuries-old tradition of Murano glass, fragrant creations from Grasse in France – the centre of perfurmery in the world, and beeswax from Kopački Rit Nature Park in Croatia, a new brand of interior frangrances – DNNA – has been made by Croatian tennis player Donna Vekić.

DNNA aims to develop and enrich the interior segment with its products, and as a first line, interior fragrances have been selected, which is Donna’s great passion off the court.

Life is a combination of various challenging and relaxing moments. All the difficult ones remind us that we have something worth fighting for and teach us to appreciate every chance to enjoy life. And that’s what DNNA wants to share with us – tears, blood, effort, intertwined with tenderness, luxury and self-care.

DNNA and Donna pay the most attention to the quality of the fragrance. The products are based on formulas designed by Arnaud Fourré, at the famous perfume centre Grasse in France.

Each of the 5 fragrances consists of contrasting and characteric notes that perfectly complement each other. In the first DNNA collection you will be able to choose between Mango & Vanilla, Champagne & Strawberry, Amber & CBD, Wild mint & Mimosa or Bergaomt & Patchouli.

DNNA products (Photo credit: Šime Eškinja)

Composition of the product is of great importance. Candles are made of 100% natural wax produced by bees from the Kopački Rit Nature Park in Croatia, and emit negative ions to purify and improve air quality.

In addition to the scent itself, the design is also very important. That is why each candle holder is unique and made of the highest quality Murano glass which is  handmade, blown, heated, cooled, personalised, and signed by Murano master Stefano Mattiello. All these details make the perfect packaging for scented candles and sticks, and also form an elegant addition to the interior.

The innovative packaging of the product was designed by the world-award-winning agency Bruketa&Žinić&Gray.

“I want the design and fragrances to convey my message, reminding us of fragility, but also to encourage people to never give up. Every effort requires relaxation, every injury needs to be healed and every stress must be relieved – that is exactly what my products are for!”- said Donna Vekić.

Donna Vekić (Photo credit: Šime Eškinja)

You can find the DNNA collection at premium sales outlets, and the first collaborations with luxury five-star hotels have already been realised. The products are also available on the webshop www.dnna.eu where you can find more information about the specifics of each fragrance, along with a special DNNA FOR BEES corner.

DNNA (Photo credit: Šime Eškinja)

DNNA donates part of the proceeds from the sale of candles to the survival of the bee community in Kopački Rit Nature Park. To find out what does the untouched part of nature from the heart of Slavonia and Baranja look like, and where the basic raw material for scented candles comes from, check out the video below by Alen Večanin.