DNNA Dieline award

DNNA – 2nd place in design at this year’s The Dieline competition, right after Dom Pérignon and Lady Gaga

The Dieline Awards, the world’s largest competition in the packaging design sector, has been held every year since 2007 when it was founded by Andrew Gibbs.

Over the past 12 years Dieline has recognized the world’s best package designs. Dieline online magazine, with over seven million unique pageviews, is the world’s most visited packaging design website. This year the competition received 1700 entries, the most ever submitted in the competition’s history.

The competition and awards goal is to promote brands through a creative platform and showcase the most innovative and interesting styles and designs of different product packaging.

This year we participated with our luxury scented candles and interior fragrances, entered the finals and then won a big second place in the prestigious The Dieline competition in the luxury product category, right behind Dom Pérignon x Lady Gaga design.

DNNA scented candles were designed to be evocative of tennis – a steel globe can be used as a candle snuffer as well, and the vessels are handmade out of the highest quality Murano glass, blown and personalized. Scented candles are made out of 100% natural wax produced by bees from the Kopački Rit Nature Park in Croatia. The fragrances were designed by perfumer Arnaud Fourré at the famous perfume creation center in Grasse, France.

„I want the design and fragrances to convey my message, reminding us of fragility, but also to encourage people to never give up. Every effort requires relaxation, every injury needs to be healed and every stress must be relieved – that is exactly what my products are for!”- said Donna Vekić.

The creativity, uniqueness, practicality and special design of the decorative box designed for DNNA scented candles and interior fragrances by the Croatian design company Bruketa & Žinić & Grey this year delighted and attracted many experts in the field of luxury design and interior design and this opening the world’s doors for DNNA company.

“Taken together, the prize-winning recipients offer a snapshot of where the packaging industry is heading, not only with bold and innovative designs but with many brands committing to plastic-free materials”, Dieline reported.