Everyone spends their vacation differently: someone likes to be active, and someone just likes to relax and enjoy. Our fragrances are created to accompany your guests in all of their activities.


Candles and room sticks can be used in hotel rooms, lobby areas, spas, bars, and restaurants, creating a connection between the guest and your brand on a deep sensory level. For your interior, choose one of the existing fragrances from our DNNA selection that are already recognized on global markets. All of the fragrances are designed with great care in the famous perfume creation center in Grasse, France.

Each fragrance is composed of contrasting and characterful notes, which work perfectly together: Bergamot & Patchouli, Amber & CBD, Wild mint & Mimosa, Mango & Vanilla and Donna’s favorite: Champagne & Strawberry. DNNA fragrances are already set for a whole range of commercial uses, in order to create a long and successful business relationship with our clients.


We believe that, in everything we do, we must give a part of ourselves! That is why we offer you the opportunity to create a personalized fragrance which will make your brand even more authentic.

Depending on your preferences, the fragrance itself will be designed in a famous perfume center in Grasse, France, just like all of our other fragrance formulas. The scent, as one of the main senses that stimulates our memories and emotions, will help create a connection between the guest and your brand on a deep sensory level. You can choose the characteristic that you want your guests to remember, like well-deserved luxury and elegance.

We also want to offer all guests the opportunity to buy a personalized fragrance that will remind them of a pleasant stay in your hotel. It would be available in rooms, hotel stores or through a website, and they could take it home as a souvenir reminding them of this place. Once they return, no matter how much time has passed since their last visit, the personalized scent will immediately revive the memories that were created here.

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